S.W.A.W.P. - School Wide Argumentative Writing Process


  • SWAWP is a school-wide effort to increase student literacy.


  • This initiative started during the school year 2015-16 by the Kailua High School Instructional Leadership Team (ILT).


  • ILT looked at data (ie HSA, SAT, ACT, gr 9/10 PTP/L Quarterly Writing Assessments scores) and decided to implement the SWAWP to align with CCSS, SBA and to prepare students for beyond high school.


  • SWAWP is meant to provide students with skills that will help them succeed in their classes, college & lives beyond high school.


  • ILT trained all teachers in a 2 day training (done in small breakout sessions) in July 2015


SWAWP Process:

       1.  Read and annotate the prompt

       2.  Read and annotate the text

       3.  Inquiry

       4.  Use the graphic organizer to make a claim and map out your reasoning

       5.  Write a response in paragraphs using the graphic organizer as a guide

       6.  Re read and edit the response

       7.  Fill out the process checklist


SWAWP Facts:

  • Teachers find texts related to their content area and a create a prompt for students to answer.


  • Students are taught how to annotate, fill in the graphic organizer, write a claim, counter-claim, significance statements, call to action, use transition phrases and how to use the checklist to assess themselves.


  • Each student does a SWAWP once per quarter this year.  


  • In SY 15-16, SWAWPs were graded using a checklist; however in SYs 16-17 and 17-18, SWAWPs are graded using the schoolwide rubric, which includes an Inquiry section.


  • SWAWPs are kept in students’ PTP/L binders so we can track growth over their 4 years at KHS.


  • ILT members ensure everyone is doing it through a monitoring system that provides immediate feedback to the teachers.


Testimonials: Data on student SWAWP scores is still being analyzed for it's first year but comments from students include:                          

“The more we did it (SWAWP), the better I got”

“It was very helpful and useful for other classes”

“SWAWPS are cool but talking in third person is hard”

“It was okay, it helped on the essays I had to do for my classes”


Pictures/Videos of SWAWP: