The Senior Project provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate advanced proficiency in the attainment of the General Learner Outcomes (GLO’s). It demonstrates a “learning stretch” and is personally useful and relevant to the student. The Senior Project provides a venue for students to demonstrate proficiency in the following essential components of the Senior Project:


Phase One (The Thesis & Research Paper): Students will come up with an essential question and through their research and field experience, come up with possible answers to their question.


Phase Two (Research and Action): Students will conduct research through different field experiences to help answer their question. Examples can be any one of the following three options: 1) Career Focus: Job shadowing/mentorship; 2) Service Learning; OR 3) Student Personal Interest-Product and Action.


Phase Three (Portfolio): The portfolio is a written record of the Senior Project experience. It includes the letter of introduction, project proposal, resume, field experience reflections, thank you letters, and other written documents. 


Phase Four (Formal Presentation and Evaluation): Preparing and presenting a formal 8-10 minute presentation before a Project Panel followed by a question and answer session. The presentation can be done orally, in a creative presentation or in a non-traditional mode. The Project Panel makes a recommendation based on a review of the

student’s project content, delivery, questions and answers, and student portfolio (including the final paper, evidence of project completion, and learning log).


•Completion of Senior Project is one of the requirements for students receiving the STEM Honors Certificate.


•The Senior Project at Kailua High School will be embedded into the following courses:

     -Applied Music 


     -Community Quest 

     -Health Capstone 

     -Seminar in Scientific Research 


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