Leadership Training is a multidisciplinary course designed to help students develop communication, group process and facilitative leadership skills. Student leaders develop and apply techniques of leading, planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluating, including problem solving and critical thinking. Activities include: participating in and conducting effective meetings, setting individual and group goals, recognizing and producing quality products and performance, cooperative planning and learning, sharing responsibilities, taking positive action, and working with

people from diverse backgrounds while earning community service hours. Emphasis is on authentic learning with student participation and involvement with real school and student concerns as a means of understanding levels of organization, levels of authority, and communication and management techniques. Application of leadership is taught as a function that can be performed by any member of a group or shared by several

at one time. This course can be repeated for elective credit.

Prerequisite: Interview with the Grade Level or SBA advisor and teacher recommendation is required. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and a willingness to commit to being a positive student role model. Incoming 9th graders are recommended to have participated in leadership class or activities at their previous school. Students must be able to meet deadlines and work outside of class time.


 - Class Level (9, 10, 11, 12)

 XLP1015 A/B  |  1/2 CREDT 

Description: Grades 9-12. This leadership training course is for students who are elected and/or appointed members of a specific grade level executive council, as well as students interested in developing leadership skills through planning, organizing, and conducting student activities with a grade level or class emphasis. Class leadership projects include preparations for competitions between classes during Fall Homecoming; Winter and Spring activities;

Freshmen/Sophomore Banquet; Junior and/or Senior Prom; graduation; fundraising; and school/community service-a must in this class (minimum 10 hours/term).



XLP1015 A/B SBA | 1/2 CREDT 

Description: Grades 9-12. This leadership training course is for students who are interested in developing leadership skills through planning, organizing, and conducting student activities with a school wide focus. Such projects include

School and Community Service projects, Homecoming, New Years Ball, Cultural Week, Springfest, Student Council Elections, fundraising projects and Student Recognition. Community Service hours (service learning) are a must in this class. Minimum of 10 hours/term. This class is also for students who are elected and/or appointed members of Student Board of Affairs (SBA), Executive Counsel, Windward District Student Council (WDSC), School CommunityCouncil (SCC), Secondary Student Conference (SSC) Planning Committee, and/or Hawaii State Student Council (HSSC).