To enrich the learning experience of the gifted students, Kailua High School is committed to providing an accelerated and differentiated curriculum beyond what is provided in the regular classroom setting. Kailua High School’s Honors program consists of a variety of rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement courses.


Honors Courses

Honors courses provide students with an accelerated and differentiated curriculum. Kailua High School offers Honors courses in each of the four core content areas and at each grade level. The prerequisites if any, for the Honors courses are described in the respective core subject areas of this registration manual. Questions regarding honors courses should be directed to core subject department heads and school counselors.


Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous and based on the AP Program of the College Board. AP coursework is usually equivalent to the curriculum provided at the college setting and require students to produce collegiate quality work. Students will be expected to take the AP Exam in the spring that corresponds to the course they are enrolled in.

Each AP exam that the student takes costs approximately $87.00. The College Board provides a partial fee reduction per exam for qualified students with acute financial needs. Results from the exam can allow students to receive college credit. Scores needed for credit vary from college to college. AP courses are graded on a 5.0 point scale. This

allows students to potentially earn above a 4.0 cumulative GPA. The prerequisite requirements if any, for these courses are described in the core subject area of this manual. Questions regarding AP Courses should be directed to core subject department heads and school counselors.


Note: Students may take up to two AP courses each year beginning with grade 10. Exception: Students may request an exception to take three AP courses during their 12th grade year. Any exception requires a recommendation by the senior class counselor and approval by the Principal.