March 4 : Breakfast/Lunch Menu:

B SSO: Pancakes with syrup, Pineapple chunks, Craisins

B GnG: Cereal w/ Toast, Power Punch Juice, Sliced peaches

Lunch: Popcorn chicken W/gravy, Steamed Rice, Fresh Carrots, Corn, Power Punch, Sliced Peaches




Please refer to the temperature picture taking schedule for times your classes will be coming to take their pictures. Please do not send your students down, a staff member will come to your classroom to escort students to the breezeway.

Reading Plus Reminder for all ELA students:

All students attending Kailua High School are enrolled in the Reading Plus program and are expected to be active users of this account. This program is designed to improve student reading levels by 3 if used with fidelity. The program is also designed to improve student reading speed and efficiency. Students are screened and have assignments to complete each week. Reading Plus will make up 15% of a student’s ELA grade. Teachers will record each student’s grade each week (RP1, RP2, RP3, etc.). Reading Plus grades are given based on comprehension rate and only if students complete ALL of their reading plus assignments for the week. This program is a schoolwide initiative and students are expected to continue the use of the program even during a distance learning situation or when absent due to non-emergencies. Keep in mind that if a student receives a 0 for a Reading Plus Week, they are unable to make it up because the program will move on to the next week. For more information on why we use the Reading Plus program, please visit: https://news.readingplus.com/why-reading-plus-works-video for a short video.

Hawaii Keiki School Nurses are ready to take your call!

If you want to talk to a nurse or don't have a doctor, you can call the FREE and confidential health hotline and schedule a telehealth appointment. For more information about the Hawaii Keiki program, visit: nursing.hawaii.edu/hawaii-keiki/

2021_virtual_activity Announcement - She

Calling all Surfriders!

Join us for some Virtual Activities! No sign-up required! Click on the link on the flyer for each day and see you there. Prizes for winners and spirit points collected for class participation.

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