Aloha Juniors... *cough *cough* I MEAN SENIORS CLASS OF 2023!!!


As we head into Summer, itʻs time to start thinking about SENIOR YEARBOOK PORTRAITS!!!


Our School Photography Company is ACE Portrait Studio and although they are excellent and I highly recommend going with them, you are not required to do your yearbook photos through them. You can do them on your own, but there is a deadline. 


Here is whatʻs on the attachment in case your on a phone and canʻt see it: 


Things that you as a SENIOR need to do: 

  1. JOIN the Class of 2023 Google Classroom for Yearbook, Homecoming, Graduation, and other SENIOR announcements. Google Class Code: 5f5uvou

  2. Take your Yearbook Senior Portrait Photos (Senior photos due by Sept 16, 2022)

    1. Take it at ACE Portrait Studio (recommended)
      Call for an appointment (808) 591-9220

    2. IF you do decide to take photos on your own, then you must make sure that they are of high enough quality. We reserve the right to either edit or NOT publish photos that are not appropriate for a school yearbook or of too low a quality for printing. The cost to include photos that you take on your own and publish to the yearbook is $20. Please send two photos--a headshot and a full body shot (make sure that your feet are in it and not buried in sand or hidden in the grass because we will crop out the background. We reserve the right to edit photos for publication).  Email your photos to

  3. Senior Farewell, Quote, & Baby/Kid Picture 

Due by Friday, 9/30/22 to or see the QR code on the attached flyer.

Your senior farewell, quote, and baby picture insert is an optional part of the senior section. The fee to include all three things is $20. Video Time Stamps, abbreviations, l337 speak, and/or slang ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Your farewell and quote will be printed in the yearbook exactly as written unless it does not adhere to KHS yearbook publication standards, in which case it may be changed without prior notice, but it will still keep with the intent of the original farewell or quote.

Senior Quote: famous quote or your own that sums you up—120 characters max

Senior Farewell: message to family and friends—140 characters max)

Baby or Kid Photo of yourself: You may submit only one photo. NO naked baby photos allowed in the yearbook. It is best if you take a photo of your photo with your phone (angle it so that there is no reflection) and submit that photo into the Google form. Students may bring in a photo to Mrs. Agena to be digitized and the photo WILL BE RETURNED that day. Again, we reserve the right to edit photos for publication. 

We accept cash or checks payable to Kailua High School. 

Hint: You can forward this email to whichever adult in your life needs to see this  in order to start prepping for senior year. 


If you have any questions about yearbook photos, then please email me. 


I will also be posting the two attached flyers to the Class of 2023 Google Classroom (class code: 5f5uvou). Please be sure to join that class as most of your important senior announcements will be distributed through it. 


Mahalo! Good luck with the rest of this year and have a great summer. 


Mrs Agena


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2023 Yearbook Senior Portrait & Quote Info
2023 Yearbook Senior Portrait & Quote Info

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